A self paced STEM learning too based on Robotics

Robox is designed to motivate, inspire & engage students with interesting projects & activities. Students build various automated working mechanisms using Building blocks, program them using Roboguru software, Robobrain and accomplish the required task using his/her creation.

A new way of learning in the era of future education


Play & Learn Programming

Interactive, intelligent and easy to use software with a 3D game like structure which enables a student to code in simple English like instructions.


Learn building mechanical structures

Components like blocks, motors, gears, sprockets, sensors, etc., help the students to put ideas to action by creatively constructing mechanical structures.


Convert mechanics to automation

RoboBrain is a brick with a reprogrammable circuit which can be programmed through Roboguru Software. The programmed Robobrain can add intelligence to a mechanical structure to execute wide variety of tasks


Learn Science, math, programming & build on it

Step by Step curriculum mapped with various Science & Math Concepts learnt during the high school education. Access to detailed instructions & trainer Videos. All the projects and activities are also captured in the form of the videos.


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How you can use it?


Learning outcomes

SkillsProgramming Skills
ScienceScience Tech Engineering & Math Skills
SkillsAnalytical Logical & Problem Solving Skills
EnhancesEnhances scientific temper
selfEnhances self learning skills
CommunicationCommunication skills
TeamTeam building skills
CuriosityCuriosity & Intuition
AssessAssess Students Strengths & Weakness
RealizeRealize the Student’s areas of interest