Not so long long ago… (Actually it was in the year 2010)

The idea of ROBOX started taking shape its humble beginning in a two room extension of a CNC tool machine manufacturing unit, like any other start up.

When few young and dynamic team of multi faceted and multi talented heads started believing in the same, the idea became collective dream and then a goal.

Now ROBOX is a full fledge vision of a league of (no not justice or extraordinary gentlemen) technophiles who are ready to teach the world a new way to teach and learn Science Technology Engineering and Math and a lot many things along with it

Our Inspiration

Movies and books

Apart from watching lot many sci-fi flicks and reading HG wells, Jules Verne and Arthur C. Clarke from whom we take inspiration to believe in anything is possible (and only that) we believe that everyone is a teacher when and our greatest inspiration comes with our partner schools who believe the need to bring a transitional shift in the way subjects need to be taught and that ROBOX is the right tool to bring about this change.


Parents also another great source of inspiration to us who gave us insights on how they would want their kids to be in future and more importantly ( and surprisingly more number of them) how they wouldn’t want their kids to by heart but experience physics in everyday life


And from the teachers who pointed us to the right direction whenever we deviated from our vision to change the way the worlds learns.