1. For which class students, the ROBOX is designed for?

ROBOX is designed for students of grades VI to X of any board. ROBOX once purchased in sixth class can be used till his tenth and even beyond.

2. What is the cost of Basic ROBOX package?

ROBOX costs INR 12,500.

3. Where can I buy ROBOX, apart from the Online?

Yes. ROBOX can be bought from our Office Location.

4. Do I get any support to work on ROBOX?

All the students who are working on ROBOX will be supported immensely through our ROBOX learning Video Channel.

5. How many exercises I can do on ROBOX package?

Unlimited. Yes, though we provide a refined 900 hours of activities for the students to work, the ROBOX package provides unlimited possibilities for the students to explore.

6. Can I buy ROBOX and work at home without any teacher’s Guidance?

Yes, given a little motivation & interest, a student can work on his own on the ROBOX package, given his interest towards Science & Maths. Also, we have robust support system in place for the students to avail and excel in using ROBOX.

7. I would like to set up a Robotics Lab in my neighborhood using ROBOX? Whom do I approach?

Yes! You definitely can. We will support you. Contact !

8. I would like to set up Robotics lab in my own school or a known school?

Yes! You definitely can. We will support you. Contact !

9. I am totally new to Robotics, but interested to learn and start robotics activity learning center. Do I get any support?

Yes! We train you & support you all through! Contact

10. Would like to set up a ROBOTICS Lab at our School?

Congratulations for the initiative! Robotics Lab at your school immensely helps the students and also enhances your vision for better education. Please contact info@robox.i n for all the details.

11. I am Science/Programming/Math/Robotics/an enthusiastic teacher willing to teach robotics to my students. Could you support me?

Would be glad to support. We will give you all the required training & stay with you all through to support on various training aspects. Please contact us at

12. I want to set up a Robotics Activity Center in my neighborhood. Am I Eligible?

Definitely! Setting up a Robotics Activity Center is one of the most satisfying jobs for the enthusiastic teachers. Also, a lucrative business opportunity with more and more students interested to set up such centers. Please contact

13. My Child doesn’t have any introduction towards Robotics. Will ROBOX be a good start?

ROBOX comes with detailed step by step instructions and video demonstrations. These will handhold students through a journey from zero level to an advanced level with regular practice. After initial start ROBOX motivates & inspires students to explore their abilities to innovate with ROBOX.

14. My child is not very much interested in ROBOTICS or Engineering, How does this help him?

ROBOX is not just a robotics product. This is a platform to engage students with a fun loving, focused & innovative learning. Students will learn how to plan & organize their work, work in teams; communicate with fellow students while working on a project. The learning’s can be used in field they choose in their future.

15. How do ROBOX help my child to choose his area of interest?

ROBOX projects cultivate various skills like analytical, logical, technological, programming, planning, team managerial, leadership & communication Skills. The ROBOX assessment systems rightly placed can help to realize the strengths & Weakness of the student from time to time. These will also help the parents to identify the area of interests of the child.

16. I am under graduate tech/Science student/a quick learner. I am unemployed, but I want to start business of my own. Can I set up a Robotics Activity Center in my locality?

Great Thought! You can. However, we will run you through a training program of 200 hours on ROBOX. (ROBOX STEM TRAINER PROGRAM). Once you clear the minimum requirements of ROBOX training, you can start with setting up your own center.